31 Oct

Good Morning


This traditional painting by Geos portrays a young woman early in the morning with a cigarette in her hand, in the background are lush green fields with mountains in the backdrop

30 Oct

Angry Bird by Javas

The red Angry bird

What would the red angry bird look like in a 3d illustration? According to Javas this is what they will look like in the Angry bird movie. Really great illustration and great shading.

28 Oct

Wood Button Icons


Get these free wood button icons available in four different sizes and in ico, png, icns formats. Beautifully designed by aha-soft-icons they are great for blogs, websites and apps. Source

28 Oct

Judge Nedd


Judge Nedd where Ned Flanders from the Simpsons dress up like Judge Dredd is a great example of a crossover illustration that is designed really well by boggsnicolas which would make a great t shirt also.

11 Oct

Tomb Raider


Beethly posted this amazing photograph which I first mistook for a painting of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider! The colors and lighting is amazing, really cool shot

03 Oct

Hunter by kenket


One of the most amazing paintings I have seen in a long time, this realistic painting was created by kenket which focuses on a tiger out to hunt